Thunder Dragons have been a staple of the recent TCG meta game for well over a year now, and in Link Evolution – as of April 25th 2019, they continue to be one of the best decks to run on the competitive ladder due to cards such as Thunder Dragon Colossus which shuts down interaction from your opponent’s draws as well as Thunder Dragon Titan which allows you to pop multiple cards on the field per turn dependent on the amount of Thunder monsters’ effects you manage to activate (hint – in Thunder Dragons it’s a lot!)

QuantityCard NameBooster Pack LocationChallenge Mode Location
2Ash Blossom & Joyous SpringLeo & LunaChojiro, Lulu, Yuri
3Batteryman Solar
Jack Atlus
1Black Luster Solider – Envoy of the BeginningYugiRaphael
2Effect VeilerYusei FudoHassleberry, Kit, Yuri
2Gem-Knight AmberZuzu Boyle
2Ghost Ogre & Snow RabbitLeo & LunaValon, Crow, Lulu, Yuri
3Thunder DragonSeto KaibaJulia Krystal
3Thunder DragondarkSeto Kaiba
1Thunder DragonduoSeto Kaiba
3Thunder DragonhawkSeto Kaiba
3Thunder DragonmatrixSeto Kaiba
3Thunder DragonroarSeto Kaiba
3Allure of DarknessJesse AndersonBonz, Yugi, Marik, Camula, Nightshroud
3Brilliant FusionZuzu BoyleThe Sledgehammer
1Gold SarcophagusYugiAlister, Chojiro
3Instant FusionAlexis RhodesTrey, Dennis, Julia, Shay
2Thunder Dragon FusionSeto Kaiba
1Gem-Knight PrismauraZuzu BoyleJulia Krystal
1Kaminari AttackAlexis RhodesJulia Krystal
1Thousand-Eyes RestrictBakura
3Thunder Dragon ColossusSeto Kaiba
3Thunder Dragon TitanSeto Kaiba
1Some Summer SummonerGrandpa