The Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution content creator community is a small one, but what’s there is usually of quality; Let’s Plays, Deck Profiles, Live Duels and Ranked Duel Replays – if you’re looking for one or more of these niches, this article has you covered! Today we’re going to cover a few smaller content creators on both YouTube and Twitch.TV that you should give a follow (or a subscribe) to for your LOTD fix!


JoninJoe’s content is straight forward and to the point; a quick discussion on a particular deck or strategy, followed by multiple fast-forwarded live duel replays aiming to show off the deck he’s playing in action in the widest array of cases. If you’re looking for popular, competitive-focused decks that you want to take into Ranked Matches then he’s your guy! He’s also an avid Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links player if that’s of interest too!


MegaGaming is very similar to JoninJoe – focusing on in-depth deck profile discussions (usually lasting a solid 15 minutes+ to give you a detailed guide on some of the combo’s you might look to do), as well as a live duel to cap off the video. Mega’s content focuses on more fun decks you can play, that also have some competitive potential (though given the vast diversity of decks you encounter in Ranked Match you’ll probably be able to score some decent wins with any of those he’s showcased).


Charlie’s channel is this nice middle ground between MegaGaming and JoninJoe – once again featuring mainly live duels, but also providing in-depth commentary on how his decks work, as well as where you can find the cards, whilst also providing content that is aimed at newer players; guides, tutorials, best decks to use etc.


TheDarkHorsex, or Jamie as he’s known IRL creates a diverse array of Legacy of the Duelist content. Live streams, Let’s Play content for both challenge mode and story mode, and perhaps most uniquely he engages with his audience in Subscriber Duels videos, where he uses either decks of his own creation or story mode decks online! Jamie also creates Pokemon Nuzlocke content as well as videos on other games he’s playing – so if that’s your thing go ahead and check him out!

Of course there are more content creators on both Twitch.TV and YouTube that cover and play Legacy of the Duelist – these are just a few that I can personally recommend that upload somewhat consistently (at least more-so than myself!).