Something an eagle-eyed Reddit user noticed today, was that with the new 1.0.1 update for Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist Link Evolution, KONAMI added in the ability to transfer save data between Nintendo Switch systems (however cloud saves still do not work for this specific title) – meaning if you want to take your Link Evolution progress from one Switch, then transfer to a Switch Lite for on-the-go portable play, you can now do so!

We have independently been able to confirm that this works however there is one major caveat. You MUST have a 1.0.1 compatible save file. Simply updating the game to 1.0.1 will not work, you need to have made some form of progress on the game since the 1.0.1 update went live.

Shout-out to Duel Links content creator Wat007 for showing off in a Twitter reply that this feature does work as intended: