Earlier this month Konami announced that 15 new characters from the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime will be making their debut in Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist Link Evolution via the free update coming March 24th. With the most recent trailer and screenshots released, 13 of those have been 100% confirmed – however 14 have technically been shown, with the 15th character being fairly easy to predict based on their new character choices. Today we’re going to do a quick breakdown of the new characters, and introduce the decks they play to get you up to speed for when they arrive in Link Evolution, without too many spoilers!

Revolver (Varis – S1 and S2)

Revolver (or Varis in the dub) is the main rival of Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS, and his inclusion in this update comes via 2 new character models based off his Season 1 and Season 2 appearances in the show (I prefer his Season 2 getup much more). Revolvers core strategy focuses around the Dark Dragon themed Rokket monsters with his big boss monsters being the Dragon-type Borrel cards as well as the Cyberse-type Topologic. A good chunk of Revolvers ace cards such as Borrelsword Dragon and Topologic Gumblar Dragon are already playable in Link Evolution, however he will be bringing some new cards such as Striker Dragon, Topologic Zeroboros and Rokket Tracer – monsters that are currently found in the popular Dragon Link strategy in the physical TCG. It’s also worth remembering he does have a new animation for Borreload Dragon which was sorely lacking from the original release.

Blue Maiden

Aoi Zaizen (Skye in the dub) get’s at least one confirmed upgrade from her Blue Angel character in this update to Blue Maiden. With the assistance of the water Ignis, Aqua, she now pilots a Marincess deck – A group of water themed Cyberse monsters that contrast with Soulburners fire-themed Salamangreat monsters. They play a lot different than her usual Trickstar strategy – opting for swarming the field to build up successive Link Summons rather than dealing effect damage through combinations with Trickstar Lycoris and Trickstar Lightstage. Some of her key cards include Marincess Sea Horse and Marincess Blue Slug.

Blue Girl (Blue Gal)

Now this one isn’t confirmed, but since both Revolver and The Gore will have both their different variations of attire available in game, it only makes sense for Blue Girl to be the 15th character that we have yet to be officially confirmed. Blue Gal is a pseudo extension of Blue Angel, in that she still uses Trickstar cards but for a more link summoning focused play style – think of them as a transitional phase between her original deck and her new Marincess cards as Blue Maiden. There’s not a lot new to see here, since we already have 99% of her Blue Girl Trickstar cards in the game already – so any story duels with her will just make them easier to obtain.


Probably the character most people wanted in the game, and for good reason. As mentioned earlier, Soulburner will be bringing with him the rest of our missing Salamangreat cards including things such as Salamangreat Miragestallio, Salamangreat Almiraj and Salamangreat Roar – cards that see competitively play today and have done in the past (Miragestallio is currently Forbidden in the TCG and will be in Link Evolution on release). Soulburners deck focuses on Reincarnation Link Summon, which allows him to use his Salamangreat monsters to summon another copy of the same card without having to find the exact Link Material – and of course gain special effects when summoned that way. Salamangreat Heatleo also has a new animation.

Ghost Girl (Ghost Gal)

Emma Bessho, or more widely known in LINK VRAINS as Ghost Girl is a spy/hacker for hire, who specializes in using the Altergeist deck, an archetype which combos exceptionally well with trap heavy strategies. Like Blue Girl, we do already have the majority of her cards in-game – however she will be bringing new cards such Altergeist Haunted Rock and Altergiest Dragvirion, a new Synchro monster. Expect Ghost Girl to also be an easy way to access the meta staple trap card Infinite Impermanence since this was used by her in a high profile duel in the anime.

Go Onizuka (The Gore – S2)

The Gore returns with a brand new deck, that we once again have the majority of cards for already – Dinowrestlers. After siding up with SOL Technologies, The Gore decided to leave behind his signature Gouki strategy long enough for them to finally hit the deck on the Forbidden & Limited List in favor of a new Dinosaur themed strategy that never really took off. Dinowrestler Pankratops is a card you can already find in Legacy of the Duelist, but should be much easier to come by now.

Akira Zaizen

The older brother of Aoi Zaizen (Skye) – Akira works for SOL Technologies, though he has certainly had a rough time both internally at the company and in his own mind regarding their experimentation on the Ignis Artificial Intelligence. Akira plays a Tindangle deck, which once again we already have all or most of the cards for in Link Evolution – and they aren’t anything special – so his challenge duel might come with some powerful cards but don’t expect much from him.

A.I. (Human Form)

A.I. (pronounced “Eye”) has become human, or well he’s hacked himself into one of SOL Tech’s new AI assisted robots and is now planning to destroy humanity. To do that, he has a new arsenal of cards called @Ignister – a nightmare for Twitter users. These cards first debuted in Ignition Assault in the TCG and so are one of the newest archetype to come to the game that focus on all the different summoning mechanics, except Pendulum. Light Dragon @Ignister and Fire Phoenix @Ignister are two cards in A.I’s signature deck that might not see competitive play, but should be a fun round of story duels. He does have more cards coming in Eternity Code, however those won’t be available in Link Evolution unfortunately.

Now here’s where things get hard to predict. The rest of these characters have not yet had their decks translated into the physical TCG or OCG – as such they will most likely be treated similar to Valon and Alister in the Waking the Dragons DLC for the original game, in that their decks will be filled with other archetypes that at least bare some resemblance to the general strategy their anime deck had. KONAMI could go absolutely wild with these decks, so I just tried to put some idea’s into play here, nothing confirmed – my own speculation.


Lightning is another AI, like A.I. however he doesn’t have a human form. In the anime he used an Armatos Legio deck, which was based on historical figures of Ancient Rome. The decks core goal is to facilitate the Extra Linking of the opponent, and so there’s not really a good alternative for what he could use. Maybe Noble Knights with some generic Warrior-type Link Monsters?


Just like Lightning, another A.I. that played a Wind-type deck called Stormriders, which had a heavy focus on the Spell & Trap card zone – granting additional effects to his monsters based on the number of cards controlled by himself and his opponent. Again there’s nothing quite like this archetype in Yu-Gi-Oh! right now, however I could see him use the Simorgh archetype which received a slew of Main Deck support in Rising Rampage as well as the new link monster Simorgh, Bird of Sovereignty in Duel Overload, which is set to take the meta by storm (literally).


Roboppy is a friend of Playmaker and A.I‘s – though he is also an artificial intelligence just not one of the Ignis variety. In the anime, Roboppy piloted the Appliancers – a deck focused around various home utilities that eventually merged into Appliancer Laundry Dragon. Once again these cards do not exist in the TCG, however I think Roboppy could very likely use Mathmechs for either his Story or Challenge Mode duels. Mathmechs however are a Synchro heavy deck (with a few Xyz monsters) but no Link Monsters, which is different from the Appliancer strategy, however due to both archetypes being machines and relatively simple in design – I think it works.

Blood Shepherd

Blood Shepherd used a aircraft themed Drone deck in the anime – which once again was designed around successive Link Summons and actively shutting down the opponents Link Summon plays. Like Blue Angels Trickstar deck, Drones also relied on burn damage to ease out the win on the opponent. In Link Evolution, I could see him using Mecha Phantom Beasts, since they just recently received a new Link Monster in Duel Overload called Mecha Phantom Beast Auroradon and both very obviously are based on aircraft, the perfect match.


Spectre is Revolvers right-hand man in the Knights of Hanoi and used a plant based Link deck in the anime. The Sunavlons! The deck used many cards to facilitate healing his own life points, as well as stealing the opponents monsters to create an unbreakable board through the Extra Link mechanic. Another plant based deck, that recently received a link monster and other new support is Aromage, which also uses cards to heal the players life points and trigger effects whenever that action occurs. Aromaseraphy Jasmine and Aromaseraphy Sweet Marjoram are two new cards we could see Spectre play!


Finally we have Bohman, the ultimate artificial Artificial Intelligence. Bohman employed the powerful Hydradrive deck in the anime, which used different attribute monsters to Link Summon and block off monster effects. Bohman’s alternative deck for Link Evolution is another tough cookie to crack. He could simply use Code Talkers, but that’s strictly Playmakers deal – or perhaps something like True Draco whilst using Link monsters such as Five-Headed Link Dragon or the Knightmares, which would facilitate the multi-attribute nature of his anime deck. (I was stuck on this one, so thanks Sam for the help)

Borrelsword Dragon

Topologic Zeroboros

Marincess Sea Horse

Salamangreat Almiraj

Infinite Impermanence

Dinowrestler Pankratops