Burst Stream of Destruction!

Blue-Eyes White Dragon themed decks are always a favorutie among both casual and semi-competitive players, and one of the newest additions to Legacy of the Duelist is Blue-Eyes Chaos Max Dragon! The aim of the deck is to quickly summon out your big ritual monsters, which can allow you to go for some OTK plays thanks to cards such as Blue-Eyes Chaos Dragon and Knightmare Corruptor Iblee.

QuantityCard NameBooster Pack LocationChallenge Mode Location
3Blue-Eyes White DragonSeto KaibaSeto Kaiba
1 Blue-Eyes Alternative White DragonSeto Kaiba
1Impcantation BookstoneJoey Wheeler
2Impcantation CandollJoey Wheeler
2Impcantation PenciplumeJoey Wheeler
2Impcantation TalismandraJoey Wheeler
3Knightmare Corruptor IbleePlaymaker
3Manju of the Ten Thousand HandsJoey WheelerBonz, Raphael, Tea Gardner, Vetrix, Aura Sentia
2Blue-Eyes Chaos DragonSeto Kaiba
3Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX DragonSeto Kaiba
3Advanced Ritual ArtJoey WheelerBonz, Tea Gardner
3Bingo Machine, Go!!!Seto Kaiba
3Chaos FormSeto Kaiba
3Swords of Concealing LightYugiTitan, Aster Phoenix
3The Melody of Awakening DragonSeto Kaiba
3Trade-InSeto KaibaVetrix
1Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Blade DragonKite Tenjo
1Galaxy-Eyes Cipher DragonKite Tenjo
1Number 107: Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon DragonKite TenjoDextra
1Number 38: Hope Harbinger Dragon Titanic GalaxyKite Tenjo
1Number 62: Galaxy-Eyes Prime Photon DragonKite TenjoDextra
1Number 90: Galaxy-Eyes Photon LordKite Tenjo
1Borreload DragonPlaymaker
1Knightmare CerberusPlaymaker
1Knightmare MermaidPlaymaker
1Knightmare PhoenixPlaymaker
1Knightmare UnicornPlaymaker
1Saryuja Skull DreadPlaymaker
1Underclock TakerPlaymaker

Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon

Booster Pack Location: Seto Kaiba