Obtaining Duel Points (DP) is one of the most time consuming challenges in Link Evolution – however there are multiple ways of speeding up the process for yourself. Today we shall briefly outline each one, and provide you with what I believe to be the most optimal in terms of time efficiency.


The easiest method by far is to load up any duel, preferably one of the earlier campaign missions since those have simpler plays should you be going second, thus you won’t be waiting as long to hit the surrender button, and leave surrender the duel from the option on clicking on the deck (do not select Quit Game from the menu as this will waste your time). You will receive a limited amount of Duel Points (usually around 300-900) for losing the duel. That’s on average 2 packs from doing this – you’re only limited by how fast your hands can move and how quickly the game loads.

Exodia FTK/OTK

My favorite method is to use a FTK or First Turn Kill deck. Obviously if you’re going second then it should still be able to OTK (One Turn Kill) and a good ol’ Exodia the Forbidden One deck can do just that, drawing through your deck constantly by using Forbidden cards such as Pot of Greed and Graceful Charity, whilst also providing Spell Counters to enable more draw power through cards such as Royal Magical Library.

QuantityCard NameBooster Pack LocationChallenge Mode Location
1Left Arm of the Forbidden One Grandpa MutoSeeker
1Left Leg of the Forbidden One Grandpa Muto Seeker
1Right Arm of the Forbidden One Grandpa Muto Seeker
1Right Leg of the Forbidden One Grandpa Muto Seeker
1Exodia the Forbidden One Grandpa Muto Seeker
3Broww, Huntsman of Dark World BastionLester, Yuma Tsukumo
3Royal Magical LibraryYugiIshizu Ishtar
1Broken Bamboo Sword Quinton
2Cursed Bamboo Sword Quinton
3Golden Bamboo Sword Quinton
3Dark World Dealings BastionLester, Bolt Tanner, Yuma Tsukumo
3Graceful CharityGrandpa Muto
3One Day of peace QuintonSeeker
3Pot of GreedBakura
2Pot of DualityGrandpa Muto Seeker, Valon, Weevil etc
3Toon Table of ContentsBakura
2Spell Power GraspYugi
1Toon WorldBakura
3Upstart GoblinMai Valentine Seeker, Alister, Yami Bakura etc

You can also use cards such as Chicken Game and Reckless Greed to add some more draw power to your deck!